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Tailoring & Alterations

As most of us know, when it comes to dressing with style, rule #1 is making sure that your clothes fit you.


Transforming inexpensive items into expensive-looking pieces or turning designer duds into what look like high street bargain bin finds.


Unfortunately, focusing on fit is easier said than done. These days, it seems that every new emerging brand has a whole new block, cut and take on the size and shape of small, medium and large. An extra-slim cut shirt in Charles Tyrwitt is not the same as a slim cut in H&M or Gant. The chance of you picking up something off the rack that fits exactly how you like it to is going to be pretty small.


This is where a tailor enters the picture and saves the day.

The pieces you buy that fit you well in certain areas but not in others can, nine times out of ten, be altered by a tailor to suit your specific body shape and preferences. They also happen to have a wealth of knowledge and experience of how individual items of clothing can be nipped and tucked in order to flatter various body shapes.