Archer Express Cleaners



Our company has been trading in Sevenoaks since 1974, making it one of the longest established businesses in the town.


The present partners have an incredible total of 66 years service to the community. We do our best to provide efficient, quality service at very competitive prices.

Transforming inexpensive items into expensive-looking pieces or turning designer duds into what look like high street bargain bin finds.


This is where a tailor enters the picture and saves the day. The pieces you buy that fit you well in certain areas but not in others can, nine times out of ten, be altered by a tailor to suit your specific body shape and preferences.

Carpet cleaning.

Although it may not seem like it, cleaning carpets can sometimes be a very complex and painstaking task. We’ve all heard stories of red wine being spilled onto a brand new carpet.


The problem with carpets is that the fibres they are often made of, as well as being extremely plush and soft, can also be extremely absorbent, which means...

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